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Posted by Peter ( on 23:02:04 10/09/07

In Reply to: Re: worn tire pictures posted by Ben

: Some cupping (rotate often), but generally even wear across the tread.
: LT is the next higher class and 'should' have more material (P vs LT will have the LT weigh more and cost more) and wonder if that would last longer and ask OnBelay if his are P or LT rated?
: Another question for both of you: rotation uses 4 or 5 tire cycle? What mileage do you rotate'm at?

Ben, your comment about moving to an LT rated tire is interesting. I never considered that for wear/longevity. I always thought it would be for load/capacity issues.

The tires are usually rotated in a 4 tire rotation as my spare is on a steel wheel while the main 4 are alloy. Also, the spare is still the original Wilderness LE.

The rotation schedule is probably where the early wear came from. My mechanic services the car about every 4000 miles but only rotates as he sees uneven wear. I probably have had them rotated somewhere between 3-5 times in the last 30,000 miles but not on a schedule.

My dilema is that I could have had them rotated where I bought them whenever I wanted/needed. I am concerned that if I do, my mechanic won't be able to identify alignment or other issues that he could if I left the tires in the same position he last saw them. Example, if they show wear on an outside edge but I had them rotated, it would be difficult to pinpoint the location of the problem.

Am I just afraid of my mechanic?

- Peter

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