Re: sedan body damage

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Posted by Ben ( on 23:14:12 10/09/07

In Reply to: sedan body damage posted by Peter

Another possibility has to do with the 'wet spots' on the drivers side rear wheel well. What is it? Oil?

How's about hypothesis:

Going pretty fast and run over something slick that lubes the pavement.

Gets sideways, then backwards.

Bump something stationary going backwards.

Say backwards because it looks like the rear touched whatever first and the tire was still rotating.

Look at the 'height' of the mark on the rearward side of the tire sidewall. It's 'higher' than the ding on the rim and the hub.

Also notice that the wheel looks like the 'spoke' touched to stop the 'rotation', then slide into the hub area. Why it 'appears' to line up as if the tire was not rotating, therefore the vehicle was not moving.

By this time, the lubed interface between tire and pavement allowed the vehicle to slide easily. Why the rest of the side didn't get much more damage, as the vehicle had bounced and was moving away.

Now what doesn't fit is that you probably saw it parked and the line up of the sheetmetal and hub....unless you didn't and lined it up for the pictures....

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