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Posted by Peter ( on 15:02:56 10/10/07

In Reply to: Re: Chevy Lumina - lost Power Steering posted by peter

What the mechanic found was a split in the line. He was able to cut it and insert a coupling so the line did not have to be replaced ($$). He called it a cooling line for the power steering.

He also said that because after the leak we ran the car (less than 15 minutes) and drove it the 3 blocks to his shop (at 11pm) we damaged the power steering pump and possibly the steering rack. The pump is now noisy but he is fine with that for as long as I can stand it. Not terrible and mostly only during low speed manuvering (parking lot driving and turns from a stop). His concern is that to replace the pump without knowing that the rack is still good may be throwing bad money after good. To replace the rack requires significant labor including dropping the subframe (fwd sedan). For now, I am just singing louder if it gets noisy.

One other item that he serviced at my request. Also a problem during low speed manuvering (something like a "K" turn used to back out of a parking space). I often hear a noticable clunk during these manuvers. He looked and found that the bearings below the spring in the strut assembly were completely worn and the spring was begining to rub against the base of the assembly. I never thought about bearings above or below the spring in a strut. This required him to pull the entire assembly. It seems that only the strut cartridge itself can be replaced while in the vehicle. He did me a favor by charging me only part of the actual labor on this. After getting it back together his tech noticed that the seals on the cartridge were worn so he pulled it again to replace those. Of course, all this required work on both right and left sides to keep it even.

Total bill was $600.

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