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Posted by Peter ( on 16:28:44 10/15/07

In Reply to: Re: what do you need posted by daniel

: I'm looking for a 4wd ext cab short bed, but what I was talking about, are what I meant to say was what kind of things should I be looking for mechanical in a high milage truck? I liked my suburban wouldn't mind another but I really miss not having a truck.

I assume by "high mileage" you are referring to a late model truck with high mileage as opposed to an older vehicle with high mileage.

If you are suggesting that there might be common issues to lookout for on used late model Chevy trucks, I think we have only seen "piston slap" issues on certain Chevy engines since 2000. No one on this board has said that it shortened the life of the engine yet (and this would be 7 years for the oldest engines on that list). The only other item commonly discussed is that the emergency brake has become a "parking brake" with no stopping power. Maintenance on that brake is also difficult as it is located within the rear disk brake's hub.

If you are looking at general issues to be cautious of when buying a newer high mileage used truck, I think you would look for the same kinds of things that you would check in a car.

When you say "High mileage" and "late model" together, you are usually talking about highway miles to get the numbers up quickly without adding the corresponding years on the truck. This means that "wear" items that would typically require service several years down the road (based on typical miles/year) may be due now (plugs, coolant, brakes, filters, fluids).

If it was taken care of, then you may get a truck body having had less weather exposure than a vehicle with the same miles but driven fewer miles/year. Less sun, UV and heat/cold.

Otherwise, the best info may be knowing the truck's usage and maintenance history. Leased vehicle are often not as well maintained as privately owned vehicles. Fleet vehicles are dependant on the company that owns/services them. That said, privately owned vehicles can be abused even more that fleet or leased since no one will inspect them periodically or at the end of the term.

Here is a link to a great checklist for evaluating a used vehicle.

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