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Posted by Frankenbiker ( on 19:02:01 10/15/07

In Reply to: Cat Converter? posted by Portie

: Just found out that my cat converter is bad. For now I just want to replace the converter, not the whole exhaust system. Something higher performance and/or compatible with a catback system I might want later would be great.
: Any recommendations? My mechanic tells me the GM replacement version is around $720!

Any competent exhaust shop should be able to sell you a new high-flow cat for $200 or less, installed. My cost for a new Walker high-flow, and a 30-inch Magnaflow muffler was $350, installed.

I don't know if GM was using the old-style bead converters as late as 1995 (I suspect they were), but the high-flow monolithic design is far superior, in terms of both flow rate and conversion efficiency. However, they're a marginally noisier, which may or may not be a bad thing.


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