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Posted by Ben ( on 11:02:39 10/17/07

In Reply to: 99' Burb Front Brake R&R posted by Guy

A 1999 2500 big block Suburban already has the biggest drum brakes GM made at that time. It is
the exact same as the 1 ton dually of that year (or, on my 1996's).

Here is the 1996 shop manual page listing all brakes for that year. Note that my glove box
label, which lists all options installed at the factory, lists a JB7 and maybe your's is a JB7,
which is the same dia, but narrower, so is that what they did, change it to the 3.5" wide drums & shoes?
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There is a difference with the cylinders & MC between a 2500 and 3500 dually. The 1 ton's
cylinders are larger in dia and the MC should have larger bores.

The 'gizmo' sounds like the proportioning valve, which is stock f/r bias of 85/15 and a TSB changed
it to 80/20. Think your year should already have that TSB installed at the factory.

You can check to see if the rears are adjusted correctly by driving around city and freeway
checking the braking as a base line. Then go on that route again, but this time set the parking
brake pedal a bit till the shoes touch the drums.

If the braking improves, it says your rears are not in the ball game, so to speak.

There are other things, but want to see if the parking brake improves your braking.

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