Re: 16mm & 20mm flare nut wrench for fuel filter

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Posted by DaveF ( on 07:09:01 10/18/07

In Reply to: Re: 16mm & 20mm flare nut wrench for fuel filter posted by Ben

In the salty northeast the fuel filter fittings have corroded badly twice. I have purchased new stubs and attached them to the fuel lines with rubber fuel line ond and double hose clamps on each. I did purchase the 16mm and 20 mm flare wrenches, but only seem to get one use before the fittings corrode to the next filter and are unuseable. I do grease the fittings.


: Had a set of no name flare wrenches that constantly rounded flare nuts on my other vehicles till I got mad and cut one of my Craftsman 12 point box wrenches, decades ago.
: The day I needed (wanted) to change the filter on my Suburban, couldn't find any and must have driven about 50 miles (yeah, I'm stubborn) and gave up after talking to the Sears tool dept manager who said they can order a set but it would take a week or more (they were also about $70 bucks for a set). These crows feet did not exist or I didn't find any back then.
: Flare nuts are made of very soft metal and is the nature of union. The hardest would be brass. So these cut box wrenches have served me well. That is why they round so easily...soft metal and two corners not enough strength to break it loose. Just grabing more usually breaks it free and think before the box would bend/deform, IMHO.
: I'd love to have a set like those posted, but not in the budget for a while.

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