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Posted by Ben ( on 20:31:40 10/18/07

In Reply to: Re: 99' Burb Front Brake R&R posted by Guy

I've helped about 4 Suburban owners install brake pads. All 1500's and local to San Francisco Calif and forum members.

Took some pictures of the first one helped and will post with a write up and copy the shop manual (1996) for here and #1 Son's archives.

Later this week, or weekend or when time permits (another wake & funeral tomorrow/Sat, Uncle Sam, the whole family is at that point in life).

Knee is good and the Doc says not too bad. It's still whole, but the MRI has some 'noise' (computerese), which the tech says is a fuzzy area and most likely (don't you love how they CYA every comment) a tear or ruptured ligament (said rupture very hard to rehab).

Rehab going well and no more, as they are confident I'll do it well enough on my own.

Can ride my bicycle, but no toe clips....stationary bike the preferenc. No roller blading, nor anything that has risk. So no competitive sports of any kind.

A buddy is a mechanical engineer for an eye surgery tool supply and said to ask about laser instead of the Dremel to bore out the hole. Doc said he won't touch a laser, as he believes laser causes more issues than solves. The heat kills the bone in the surrounding area and the steam harms the surrounding tissue.

Thanks for asking!

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