Re: OT: Photovoltaics in the cabin.

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Posted by Ben ( on 10:03:28 10/23/07

In Reply to: OT: Photovoltaics in the cabin. posted by Gorilla Bob

Minnesota, so severe weather and ask if very high winds?

The roof penetration is going to be one of the keys to a good/poor installation. Both the mounting and the electrical penetrations.

This is what I'm looking at for both my properties and side business.

The panels themselves are almost commodity level, so there are many to chose from and common/standard sizing.

Stay away from the wacky/predatory contractors who use the positive ground system. Beta vs VHS again and most are negative ground. This includes the controller.

Since you are only 1 amp & 300-500 ma, any of the automotive battery maintenance/charger will do in parallel. They can be mounted anywhere easily.

The cells are now in the 14%-16% efficient range for the center of the bell curve (availability and price). At the far end are the ~32% to ~35% efficient but are very, every expensive (research only).

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