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Posted by wws ( on 23:11:34 10/23/07

In Reply to: Re: OT: Photovoltaics in the cabin. posted by Ben

: Calif has 'some' tax sub's, but the big one is Germany.
: They have the largest subsidy for both manufacturers and consumers. Their government is trying to become the center for products and infostructure for EU. Think they are close to that goal.

When Germany started massively subsidizing solar, it caused a huge diversion of panels from other markets - therefore driving prices up for the rest of us. Supply/demand, Invisible Hands, etc. A friend is in the business of installing them, and has told me that he has enough connections to continue getting panels at reasonable cost. But newcomers have to pay higher prices.

Panel prices seem to be slowly coming back to the $3/watt - $5/watt range again, as new production comes online. Once they get down to about $1/watt, the inverter becomes the major expense. That technology isn't going to change much. We'd have to install DC wiring/appliances in our homes to get around that cost.

PV is nice for some uses. And it does seem to be a waste not to put all those rooftops to good use. But for dense population centers, nuke is still the cheapest and is a lot cleaner than those coal plants.

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