Re: OT: RV's for the non-newbie??

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Posted by Frankenbiker ( on 14:29:34 10/27/07

In Reply to: Re: OT: RV's for the non-newbie?? posted by Portie

Thanks for the replies.

The big "toterhome" tow vehicles are a little too big to be practical. Besides which, I already own ONE of 'em; don't need another. :-)

Price is a major consideration. $5-$10K at most. I'm looking at something that I can either buy outright, or pay for with tiny payments for a year or two; not sell my soul for a decade. I realize that some folks want to do it, but paying a quarter million for a part-time rig just BAFFLES me. The same for a $75K 5th wheel they use 4-5 times a year. A new RV (such as you'd find at shows) is simply not in the cards right now.

Looking at (et al) is what got me confused in the first place. Unlike cars and tow vehicles (3-4 manufacturers, 1-2 models/manufacturer) there are dozens of manufacturers, and almost HUNDREDS of models. There's so much information out there that it's almost unsortable; either that, or I just can't get the right search terms for Google. :-) That, and a lot of the manufacturer sites are horribly high-bandwidth, requiring a high-speed connection that I only infrequently have. Many times I'm lucky to have a dial-up connnection. Craig's list has shown a few finds, but at that point, I'm back to the question of "what's good" and "what's junk"?

I'm looking at something older and cheaper; that may be the best "sort" option; anything that's not built well and well-shaken-down simply won't exist any more, having fallen apart (or been destroyed) by previous owners.

I want something that I can pull with the F250. If I want something large, to pull with the Freightliner, I figure I can outfit a used "pup" trailer (the ones you see pulled by UPS and LTL-Freight companies) for about the same price range; R+L Carriers often sells their used pups for $2000 or less. But then I have to deal with licencing and insurance problems. The upside is that I can have solid, sneeze-worthy construction, and have REAL plumbing, for about the same price as a mid-line RV. :-)


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