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Posted by Ben ( on 13:47:59 06/12/07

In Reply to: Fuel Pressure and Fuel Delivery posted by Marty

: If pressure is leaking down, then it will need the extra cranks. Conversely, stuck injectors will not deliver enough for a 1-start.

Mine is a 1996 Sub 7.4L and also used to light up at the 'click' of the starter, but no more.

Takes a few cranks and think it's as Marty says, fuel system isn't up at the top of spec.

Try this, as it helps it start a bit after the 'click'...

Turn on the ignition but DO NOT start it for a few seconds or till the fuel pump stops.

Then continue to start it.

Mine some times will start at the 'click' or just a bit after the 'click'.

Haven't checked the ignition system, but know it's about time for new wires, cap, rotor and general tuneup.

Fuel filter is about time to change too, and is another thing you guys should look at. Cheap insurance to change it every 1,000 gallons of duel (DaveB's recommendation).

Check your battery positive connection, especially if you haven't addressed the POS positive side post problem.

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