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Posted by TommyZ ( on 18:30:27 06/12/07

With summer vacation in July from Phx to Yellowstone and Banff I decided to replace the existing Michelin-X LT265-75R-16C tires with a new set. Got 60k on this set(typical for me and Michelins) and though they could easily go another 10k I don't like the idea of pushing it on the road.

So.... went to my local Costco store where I have purchased 5 sets of Michelin's over the years on 3 other Subs. Always bought the LTX-MS or AT except this last time when it was the Michelin-X. Always a load range C tire and always the same size LT265-75R-16C.

Costco was running their fairly regular $60 off set of 4 Michelins offer. I tell the guy what I want and he looks it up and says they can't sell me the 75 series only 70. Tell him that's weird because you always have, including this last set 3 years ago. All tires went on basicly the same trucks over the years(all my Subs have been k1500, current a 03).

He says rules have changed and because the OEM tire size is a 70, that is it.

Now I'm getting a little steamed. So, I said, you will put a P rated tire on my Sub (as OEM was) but not a tire that is 1/2 inch taller than OEM even though it is a load range C? Yep, thats right.

Turned around and left. Drove to nearby Discount tire store. Told him what I'm driving and what I want and can you do it.... and I want you to price match the Costco $60 discount. No problem sir... and we have the tire in stock (Costco needed 5 days to get them in, even the 70 series.)

Now I'm a hugh Costco fan, have had nothing but great service there over the years for stuff and tires too but this was stooopid. My out the door cost at Discount was $187 per tire, all fees and tax included. Done.

I guess the other thing is I drive around and look at all the stupid/dangerous (in my opinion) tire/wheel size combos on full size SUVs and and shake my head. Then bump up aganist this Costco "CYA" rule. Amazing.
Tom in Phx.

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