new fuel pump bad?

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Posted by lcorrell ( on 08:13:48 06/13/07

Our '97 Suburban quit while going down the road Sunday. No buzz in the tank, and all fuses were good. Pulled it home and started diagnosing. It had voltage at the fuel pump connector for the first few seconds after the key was turned on as it should, but the pump did nothing. I decided the pump had died. I put a new Master fuel pump and strainer from advance auto in on monday night. After putting about 10 gallons of gas back in the truck was going again. I didn't like the tone or loudness of the new pump, but tried to ignore it. I drove to the gas station and filled it back up for the trip we have planned for this coming weekend. When I got back home (about 10 miles round trip), I parked it in the drive and was checking over the A/C and it just shut off! No buzz in the tank again! I still show voltage and ground to the pump, so the new pump has gone bad already!

Is there something that can be killing these pumps? The tank was clean. Did I just get a bad pump somehow? I'm not looking forward to draining the now full tank of gas to replace the pump again already! And I'm now starting to think about calling off our trip this weekend.

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