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Posted by Ben ( on 11:07:46 06/13/07

In Reply to: I agree... posted by Marty


They are now a big corporation and have lost a lot of their 'charm' that got them where they are.

Insurance dictates this and have talked to three Costco tire shop managers. Same answer and agree with them, for the business they are in.

Anything outside of OEM spec has potential for something going wrong and the idiots (or better to say kids) they hire at min wage don't know much of anything. Why only the manager or supervisor is allowed to torque the lug nuts.

Ditto to any very large chain that hires min wage and min training.

Doubly understand that there are too many consumers who don't know and just want the biggest tire they can stuff in there. Then come back to complain that their performance went into the toilet, or burned up their diff/tranny towing.

I used to buy most all my tires at Costco, but the last few, no. They won't because of this rule and because my tires are larger/different than OEM spec.

Hint, if you do want them to mount tires on your wheels, take them off and bring them in sans the vehicle.

I'm going around to all the local tire shops and trying to find one I like. More like the manager who I like.

BigOTire was going to be one of my shops, but they changed their warranty from life time to life of the tread. Manager also changed shops. So the hunt continues for me. Most likely gypsy going from shop to shop based on availability and price. Taking in my wheels without the vehicle

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