Re: new fuel pump bad?

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Posted by 92sub ( on 15:51:28 06/13/07

In Reply to: new fuel pump bad? posted by lcorrell

The new pump is probably bad but just to make sure, you should be checking for voltage drop not just available voltage with a meter. Instead of trying to teach how to measure voltage drop lets just say that voltage can be there with a no-load device such as a multi-meter but if you actually had a load on the circuit (such as the pump) no voltage would 'get through' any poor connections that might lurk in the system. For high load devices such as a fuel pump or blower motor it's best to make sure the system (power and ground) can deliver current, not just voltage. A nice, cheap way to test this is to use a high-load device such as an old sealed-beam headlamp or foglamp as a test device. Put that in between power and ground at the pump connector. If it can light a foglight I would be willing to bet it can start a fuel pump. I've had many poor grounds show themselves as good with a voltmeter but bad under a real load.

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