245 spare with 265s

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Posted by Verdi ( on 19:01:52 06/13/07

In Reply to: Bridgestone Dueler Revo A/T posted by Burbman

We hashed over this topic waaaay back, suffice it to say that unless #1 has it in archives it is history!

If you're not planning on using the spare in rotation, and are just going to use it as a spare, don't sweat the off size. Worst case it makes the diff think you're in an easy right or left hand curve, plus you can always take a 265 from the front and put it on the back in the event of a rear flat (although I'd worry more about uneven tire wear on the front than diff wear on the rear).

My spare goes on the inside, and a 265 is difficult to mount as the rod/nut combo that holds the tire wasn't designed for the extra inch or so needed to get through the hub.

Again, assuming the spare is used as a spare, not staying on the truck for 1000 miles.


: Well, the ProComp All Terrains on my 01 K2500 are about at the end of their useful life, 40K miles over 3 years. Noticed some bad cracks around the rim edge after airing up at the beach last weekend. Think driving in the sand at 15 psi took the last bit of flex left in the sidewalls...
: In retrospect, big clue should have been the large amount of weight it took to balance them and get rid of a front end shake that developed around Christmas last year. Got them balanced, but 4-oz weights right next to each other on the rim are never good. weights are on the inside of the rim, so didn't notice until this week.
: Ordered the Revo's in 265-75-16-E, having them put on Saturday am. Hope they are everything they are cracked up to be at $179/tire from The Rack. local Firestone dealer wanted $209, "discount" place wanted $199. OMG, these things must be gold belted radials....
: At any rate lots of towing this season, so no surprises on the road. On a related subject, anyone have problems storing a 265 size spare? I have heard of issues with some aftermarket hitches (I have a DrawTite), so need to get under and measure.
: Have been lucky since going to 265's, the spare is still OEM 245-size, and I've never needed it. Was planning on having the best remaining ProComp mounted on the spare so at least it's close to the same size if I need it.

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