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Posted by Bud ( on 20:11:51 06/14/07

In Reply to: Re: Brake & ABS Light on and off posted by Ben

: : This started after replacing the brake pads all around
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
: This is the key and recommend ***NOT*** to do anything else till you ID the issue/cause/etc.
: Think over heated and caused the brake fluid to boil and now has a bubble in the line(s).
: What brand and level of performance pads?
: Who installed them?
: Meaning if regular material (OEM level), it didn't have enough thermal head room for that drive and got too hot and transfered too much heat back to the calipers, which boiled the fluid.
: The other symptoms all point to boiled fluid. Soft pedal, almost going to the floor (bubble compresses), could not stop, etc.
: Suggest you first bleed both systems with DOT4 fluid. Maybe go to a shop that has a scanner (if you don't) and have the ABS system bled too.
: That 'should' fix it for now, but then you have pads that are not up to the task or that kind of driving.
: If you didn't, next time use the tranny to help slow down. Go down one or more gears *as* you are first going down hill, not after getting too much speed. Then use the brakes and down shift after getting it slowed down.

I installed the pads, were the lifetime Gold series from Autozone. Has the shims riveted to the pads. I did use the tranny on the hill, which is why I was surprised they overheated so quick. Hill was 3 miles long. very slow turns, not more the 20-25 MPH.

I remember awhile back you spoke about the fluid boiling on the old board. Good idea to explore that option first. Still have not had a chance to open the rear drum to see the emergency brakes. Good idea to do both.

Will post if it fixes or not.

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