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Posted by Verdi ( on 11:40:44 06/21/07

In Reply to: OT...Dell posted by Ben

I remember selling computers retail way back when. The description of the kiosk buyer is a little broad-based but essentially true.

Last Dell we bought was through a business account, just a mid-range box for the kids. (Mid-range in 2006 still outperforms high-end machine bought in 2004). They have really come a long way in dumbing down the peripheral connections and startup instructions for the average consumer.

The hard part for most people I know is the part that comes after the installation and initial boot, AKA 'logging in and using the computer'.

I had one neighbor ready to return her new PC because after she got it logged in and went through the 'welcome to your new PC' tutorial, the PC 'Just sat there with a picture on the screen until it went dark' (screen saver). Apparently she thought the PC should spontaneously start doing something computer-like, such as send email or browse the web for her. I tried to explain that a PC is like any other appliance, say a blender, that will also just sit there unless you put something in it and flip a switch. She was upset that no one explained to her that it would be so hard to use a PC, yet couldn't provide a good explanation of why she needed one in the first place.


: Saw this article in the local paper and think you Dell consumers might find it interesting.
: Interesting that Dell tried to have this removed and then came back admitting they were in error trying that.

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