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Posted by Frankenbiker ( on 13:40:38 06/22/07

In Reply to: Re: Great article posted by Ben

: Then wonder why that set top box with a key board didn't take off, as that is what a large percentage of folks need. What was that product and company called?

That was WebTV.

A significant part of the reason why it never took off like it SHOULD have was the remarkably low resolution that most TV's are capable of.

NTSC vertical resolution is horrible. Even though the actual specfication maximum is 525 lines, no one used that many in actual application.

Most VCR's use only 240 lines of vertical resolution, as do most analog TV stations.

S-Video is only 480 lines.

In this instance, think of lines of vertical resolution as pixels. Know any web pages that only use 240, or even 480 vertical pixels on the whole web page? The industry standard these days is 800x600, with a strong leaning towards 1024x768 and even as far as 1280x1024.

Also, the web-tv processors simply didn't have the HP to render today's complicated, java-intensive web pages. Nor were connection speeds high enough to make it a pleasant experience.

I suspect that if Microsoft REALLY wanted to cash in on the TV-based experience (as they CLAIM to do), they'd install a stable version of IE6 into the X-box 360 firmware.


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