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Posted by Frankenbiker ( on 05:01:35 06/23/07

In Reply to: Re: rear door panel speakers posted by Verdi

: Almost dropped a wad on a new radio and 4 speakers (6 if counting the tweeters above the front door speakers), and was advised to simply cut the wires to the two far rear cargo speakers and install the new speakers in the door. Optionally add a subwoofer tube behind the second row seats. I decided against it. God, I'm getting old.

You DO know that there are two subwoofer camps, right? :-)

Obviously, there's one that's the window-rattling, trim-shaking thump crowd; that's the "SPL competitor" crowd. Typical power levels are rarely LESS than 500 watts, and can go as high as several KW, and multiple drivers; you've seen the "show cars" that are filled with nothing but woofers.

Then there's the "Sound Quality" crowd. The sub isn't used to crack glass; simply to fill out the bottom end of the sound spectrum that normal car speakers (especially the POS units that GM uses) just can't duplicate. Power levels typically run around 100 watts, and only one driver.

A 6- or 8-inch bazooka tube will do a very nice job of filling out the bottom end of the sound spectrum without making your eardrums bleed.

I replaced all the audio in the new Ford with a Kenwood head unit and Infinity Reference speakers on all 4 corners... I was surprised to find that there wasn't THAT much improvement. However, I am still lacking the sub in the system... that's forthcoming. I've been mightily impressed with the JBL 12-inch unit I installed in the Freightliner. It's powered by a 200-watt amp, and cost about the same as an 8-inch Bazooka. But the sound quality is FAR better.

There was a thread on FullSizeChevy a year or so ago, about bass tubes versus box subs. Price was the major arguement for bass tubes until someone tossed a "bazooka killer" design into the mix; same cost, twice the quality. The only problem is that the box is a little large. Bazooka's still win on size.


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