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Posted by OnBelay ( on 08:01:46 06/25/07

In Reply to: Re: Exposition on "subs" posted by Marty

Back in the days when I ran a stereo and alarm shop, I built dozens of boxes for a single sub setup in Burbs and Tahoes. Measurements varied to the box size requirements, but fitting a small box under the second seat is very doable; usually placed the amp under the flip up passenger side and the sub under the driver's side, facing up. This setup would still allow the second seat to fold forward, the only drawback was that when the passenger side was flipped up, the passenger entering the third seat had to be careful where they stepped. My '92 at one point had the second seat on 1" risers that still allowed the seat to be folded up, but I had three ten inch subs under the seat and it would hit 142 db without batting an eye.

There are 10" subs out there that require only .6 to .8 sq. ft. of box interior and can make an incredible sound. Personal favorite is Polk and Boston Acoustics, but these are definitely more SQ (sound quality) focused than for loud hammering bass.

Application of Dynamat or similar sound barrier is recommended on the underside of the seat. On the 92-99 models, that big flat piece of plastic will vibrate with the bass tones being directed at it.

Will dig into the old computer-I know I used to have a lot of pics and drawings stored in there. making a box out of 3/4" MDF and carpeting it is a relatively easy, much more space effective way to go compared to giving up console space or tubes.

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