Re: How can such a "business practice" be acceptable ??

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Posted by Frankenbiker ( on 04:42:26 06/26/07

In Reply to: How can such a "business practice" be acceptable ?? posted by Marty

: I find it deplorable that a business, who has record of:
: Your Name,
: Purchase Item,
: Purchase Date,
: and Credit Card No.,
: refuses to honor a return and/or warranty claim. Especially in this instance where we are talking about tires on a vehicle; which is a transient and transferrable item.

I'd imagine one of several things happened:

1)burned by tire manufacturers one too many times on tire warranty (i.e. tire manufacturer denied warranty claim, costco ate tire)

2)ate one too many sets of tires on questionable warranty grounds

3)got sued one too many times by person/persons involved in incident blamed on poor (or "incorrect") tire choice. (you kknow, the same crowd as the "stick a screwdriver in your eye and sue the tool manufacturer for big $$$$")

I'd suspect #1 as much as anything else. This is an example of the high cost of oil coming back to bite us in an area where we least expect it. Tires these days are made mostly from oil (I think 20-ish barrels per tire is the last figure I heard), and while the cost of oil has more than tripled, tire cost has only gone up 10-15% or so (last time I checked). The tire companies have to make this cost up somewhere, and denying warranty claims is the easiest and fastest way to do that.


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