Recommendations for Alarms?

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Posted by Frankenbiker ( on 03:13:12 06/28/07

Well, didn't take long for someone to decide they wanted my new stereo more than I did... One week from installation to theft.

Amazingly, no "significant" damage was done to the new Ford... It's mind-blowingly easy to get into one of these things. I'll have to replace the driver's side door handle.

I'm toying with the idea of an alarm for it. As far as I've been able to tell _so far_, the general opinion is that they're often not worth the effort, unless you get one of the 2-way alarm systems with the pager... problem is that the pagers are larger than my old cell-phone(s). (Viper, et al).

I'm wondering if Ford's "factory" installed system is any better or worse than an aftermarket system. With the exception that Ford's system may integrate into the wiring better.

Wondering done with the idea in mind that an alarm system probably won't do a WHOLE lot, cept maybe slow down the next would-be thief.

Being as this is the first time I've ever had a vehicle broken into, I'm not quite sure where to go. I find it morbidly amusing that dealing with the consequences of the theft (having keys/fobs/codes and door handles replaced, and police report) is more of a problem than the actual theft was...


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