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Posted by OnBelay ( on 22:38:37 06/29/07

In Reply to: Recommendations for Alarms? posted by Frankenbiker

The Ford factory system is actually a great improvement over the old days (until the newer 04-up body style), but is still pretty much a horn honker to let people know your stuff is gone.

Travis at KC Autosound is a Ford Factory installer (expedtes for all the Ford dealers, installing factory alarms on the dealership lots) and has an intimate knowledge of any Ford's wiring. He sells a Code Alarm setup, pre wired, so it is all plug and play when it comes to you. I've heard it's a great deal, and he does great troubleshooting over the phone if you run into a problem with his kit.

I personally have always been a fan of Viper and any of the other stuff from Directed Electronics. DEI now owns just about any decent alarm company, and they are about bulletproof. If the brain and remotes are reliable, the difference in any alarm is going to be installation quality and how good the installer is. I would only have soldered joints, no scotchlocks or crimp connectors if I were paying for it; I ran a stereo and alarm shop for three years and saw too many failed installs from NOT using soldered joints. I don't care how good the installer is, I'm old school enough that I won't budge off this-if you won't take the time to solder, you won't take the time or care enough to get the job done right.

One more thought about pager systems- Methamphetamines are ugly. I am a former Marine, go 6'3" and 250 lbs, and regularly carry a concealed weapon. I have little need to confront a tweaked out speed freak, because I know no good result will occur. My idea of an alarm is not to catch the perpetrator, but to make the vehicle less convenient for them to break into. They'll still break into something, but chances are it will be one that won't draw attention to them. Instead of a pager, I'd suggest adding a good two or three stage proximity sensor that chirps the alarm when someone walks up to the truck. Even the small chirps will make people look toward the source of the sound, and that will keep the thief moving right on by.

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