A harsh look fixed my truck

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Posted by Verdi ( on 12:50:12 06/30/07

Went to crank the truck this morning and it wouldn't start. Cranks fine, even turns a few revs on it's own after the starter disengages, but only due to the flywheels momentum. The engine wouldn't catch.

I'm thinking: electric or fuel. One is missing. I can hear the pump when I turn the key. I decide to start cheap and work my way up.

Went to AutoZone and bought flare wrenches (yes, they actually carry some), came home, got under the truck to inspect the fuel filter, and gave it a harsh glare, hoping it was the sole problem (as it's about the only one I want to tackle in my driveway).

Decided to try to turn it over one more time. Truck started without a hiccup.

So now I have an intermittent problem. It's a 99 with 98,000 on the 454. My next guess is fuel pump going bad, although I swear I heard it for a few seconds each time before I cranked. I had new injectors installed last year, and haven't had any problems.

If it's electrical, I wouldn't know where to start. Any suggestions?

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