removeable face plates

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Posted by OnBelay ( on 08:24:40 07/02/07

In Reply to: Re: Recommendations for Alarms? posted by Ben

: What about removable face plates?
: Don't they have a mating ID chip so that they will only work with one and needs factory reset, which requires registered owner to contact and get a new key?

Face plates mix and match; there are even some brands/models within a brand that you can use different faceplates on different models.

Never heard of a "mating chip" outside a salesman's imaginative pitch-no such thing in the real world.

With the advent of larger LCD displays, many manufacturers have gone to a "flip up" or motorized faceplate that does not disconnect. Truth be told, I'd bet 95% of the removeable faceplates don't get taken off anyway. About the only "security" most stereos offer is the ones that do remove have a blinky led behind them to make thieves think there is an alarm on it.

Pic is offered as an example of the large readout, LCD displays now popular.

Back in the day when I had my shop, we would take the customer out to the car and demo their new stereo after installation. Even though we walked through all the points, it was easy to tell many people weren't listening. One day, right before closing time, my Ass't Mgr got a call from a ditzy blonde that hadn't paid attention:
Caller: "I took the faceplate off like you told me, now there's a red light blinking on the stereo-what's that?"
Assist Manager: Z"Red light???OH MY GOD< GET OUT OF THE CAR BEFORE IT BLOWS"

...had to counsel him on that one, but it was pretty funny to hear how she jumped out of the car, then got all pi$$ed of when she heard him laughing over the phone...

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