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Posted by Ben ( on 12:25:20 07/06/07

In Reply to: Re: iPhone batteries posted by #1 Son

Forced secondary, tertiary, quaternary, etc revenue streams...

To me, very predatory and will bite if/when a reasonable competing product shows up.

All OEMs seem to be doing that.

Ink Jets is a good example. Bought an all in one FAX/Printer/Scanner/Copier for $57 bucks. Then find that the ink is $45 for two black and color another $39 bucks. Plus it has a stupid 'intelligent' chip counting ink drops, so won't allow the 'new' cartridge to work if it doesn't resolve whatever when the new one is installed. Draconian and why I'll never buy a Lexmark again if I can help it.

Take headlamps.

Used to be DOT standard and any automotive supply had them for about $5-$10 bucks. Standard sizes used to be just 7" dia, then the smaller round, then the the 'new' rectagulars, then the bigger rect...

Now most all OEMs don't use any 'standard', but custom to a model era, so low volumes and dealer only in most cases. That pushes the cost into hundreds of bucks per.

So, this isn't anything new per say, but I'll say draconian and driven by us consumers willing to buy and fuel this mentality.

What next? Wacky battery form factor? Special fuel pellet additive?

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