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Posted by Ben ( on 16:16:44 07/09/07

Mom'n dad's bathroom fan went out. Replaced that electric
motor about 15 years ago and was just a call to an old
supplier from when still in motor controls.

Not today, as fractional HP motors are not replaced, but
the whole fan assembly is torn out of the ceiling and

Seems the local contractors don't touch small stuff and
drive up the price with new fan assemblies.

Found one on line for $34 bucks, but never bought from
that place before.

Still going to try and find a local place, but the
new hardware store clerks just give a blank stare on this

Old timers in smaller hardware stores know, but say they
don't carry as too expensive for such a small stock

It's just the bearings gone dry. Some of the lead wiring
is frayed.


Gads, used to remember most of the frame sizes by heart!!!!
Gone from memory...use it or lose it...

So can wait 2 weeks for Internet, pay additional $20 to
expedite, drive all over and see if one of the 3 places
locally can match/sub what they have on stock, or replace
the whole dang thing, which is what the super hardware
stores all say is the cheapest/fastest.

Throw away society...

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