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Posted by Ben ( on 19:05:06 07/09/07

In Reply to: OT...replacement parts for home posted by Ben

Just back from local appliance parts house. Mainly for
landlords. Changed hands and is not a national chain.

The kid looked up this on the computer and said no direct
replacement, but will look in the back room.

Came back with something close.

The mounting screws were pointing the wrong way.
Says to just remove and flip them. Asked about the
ID paint on the screws & nut and if the warranty
would be voided. The senior guy next to him said,
yes will void your warranty.

Okay, I've taken apart tons of electric motors, even
rewound my slot car motors as a kid, so not an issue.

1/100HP vs mine which is 1/50HP and will burn out
their motor in short order. That means the voided
warranty bites.

Telling him that a motor half the HP will burn up
is like talking to a brick wall.

Says it's bigger because 100 is bigger than 50. Then
try to explain it is below the line (divisor) so
inverse to his thinking...huh?....100 is bigger...

Give up and going to buy off the Internet...after
checking with House of Fans in San Francisco, but
they are a couple blocks from city hall and parking
a nightmare...

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