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Posted by Ben ( on 18:15:54 07/11/07

In Reply to: Cranking the Torsion Bar??? posted by kcburb

: '95 K1500
: I posted an earlier topic looking at putting 265's on my truck. A response talked about cranking the torsion bar. What does that mean?

Both 2WD and 4x4 uses round bar that is twisted (torsion) to suspend the front end off the pavement.

2WD drive has a coil spring and as it's compressed or extended, the steel rod twists ever so slightly.

4x4 has a straight bar spring and very short compared to the coil spring. It's held at the frame
cross member and other end at the lower A-Arm close to it's pivot point.

There is a pre-load set at the frame cross member (underneath the drivers seat, or there abouts).
A set screw/bolt pushes against a lever arm on that end of the torsion bar. That in turn twists
the lower A-Arm down.

By "cranking the torsion bar", they mean to tighten that set screw/bolt at the torsion bar end
at the cross member.

This will twist it more and force the lower A-Arm down and lift the front end.

Since the bar is twisted more, it's under more tension and will ride harsher.

Both ends of the bar have a 'hex' head and fits into a mating hex hole. At the cross member end
there is a lever arm that the adjusting set screw/bolt pushes against. This lever arm is called a "key".

Some use Ford keys because they have more angle and will take less turns of the set screw/bolt.

Image above is from Ready Lift and shows what a 'key' looks like.

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