U Joints? Strange sounds from down below...

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Posted by artr ( on 14:58:12 07/12/07

95 K1500 with 137,000 miles.

For a few weeks I heard a sort of "squeak, squeak, squeak" while backing out of the driveway. When shifting into D it would clunk, but that seemed like the usual sound. Not very metallic sounding.

Upon pushing the throttle (from a complete stop) I would hear a "tink" sound.

I knew something was up, but what?

Yesterday, the "tink" started happening from initial throttle on to about 1500 rpms (tink, tink, tink, sounds like metal balls in a blender). Seemed to be in time with the driveline.....not positive.

At first, I thought there might be a loose heat shield over the catylitic converter. But, after checking, there eppears to be NO heatshield on my vehicle.

If I drive it gingerly, I don't hear it. 1/2 throttle or more and I hear it.

Anyhow....is this a u joint? Trans was a pint low, but all is shifting well and normal...no slips.

All advice appreciated...


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