Rear Brakes worn early 2005 Escalade ESV

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Posted by DocVB ( on 17:40:04 07/12/07

Only 34500 miles on the beast yet rear pads completely gone. One pad was rubbing directly on rotor! Uncertain if parts directly translated from Suburban/Yukon XL. This vehicle has twin-piston rear calipers with standard ceramic pads! Yet front pads are at least 60% left. Have kept close eye on those from OBS Suburban experiences. Good thing observant Wifey noted "crunching" with braking.

The pad swapout was super simple, but removing the combo rear drum/disks was a major PITA.

Many new vehicles have aggressive rear braking bias--also seeing early rear pad wear on 2006 Jetta we run as well.

Must be newer-aged braking controls allowing initial bias towards rear circuits to control dive with braking, however then they must revert to the front-bias for major stops to prevent lockups--or do they just depend on the ABS to control?

Had the choice of 3 pad sets at local Advance auto parts.

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