Y adapters for trailer wiring harness. Do-able?

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Posted by Verdi ( on 13:16:14 07/13/07

Something I thought would be readily available at the usual trailer parts places (Northern, Harbor Freight, etc) seems to not exist. I can rig one up myself, but I'm wondering if they don't exist because of lack of demand or it's just an 'unwise thing to do', electrically speaking.

I would like to rig a Y adapter for the 4-pin trailer harness. Basically plug one end into the existing harness and have two pigtails, one for the trailer and the other for a light bar assembly (similar to magnetic tow lights but mounted on a bar).

The reason is that my little 4x8 utility trailer is going on a little road trip this summer, and it is carrying a rather bulky load that will obscure my truck's taillights somewhat. Since the trailer's lights are mounted about a foot off the ground I wanted to mount a secondary light bar to the end of the roof rack so the Peterbilts can see me.

Already checked tires, grease and bolts. I'm not maxing out the trailer, but the trip will be a 12 hour ordeal, and I've seen many small trailers with busted tires/wheels/axles on the side of the road. Even bought two spare wheels/tires just in case. If unmounted, hopefully I can return them for more useful items when I return.

I don't see a problem with the splitter, as my auxiliary backup lights were wired in a similar fashion. However, it never hurts to ask those inn the know.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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