I have to side with Sprint

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Posted by Peter ( on 16:45:04 07/13/07

In Reply to: OT: Sprint's Limit on Customer Service Stretches the Limits posted by #1 Son

It may not be a popular view but I think it is appropriate to cancel a customer's service for cause. Your mechanic would do it, the local restaurant would and if you read the news, so would the local dry cleaner. When you are more trouble than you are worth or are disruptive, they should be able to cancel you. Your insurance carrier will increase your rates or deny you coverage. The cell phone companies (like the others I mentioned) don't have that option.

They can not discriminate who they serve but that is limited to a static list of protected groups. Excessive complaining, being a p-i-t-a, and disrupting other customers are not part of the protected classes.

I am not in the retail business so maybe I don't have the right perspective but I don't accept that the customer is ALWAYS right - unless I am the customer ;).

- Peter

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