Re: Y adapters for trailer wiring harness. Do-able?

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Posted by OnBelay ( on 18:18:08 07/13/07

In Reply to: Y adapters for trailer wiring harness. Do-able? posted by Verdi

Since nobody who knows anything has piped up yet, I'll offer my $.02 worth...

I don't think there is enough voltage going through the wiring that a backfeed would cause any problems. With that said, i also will add that I wouldn't do it that way.

I'm no engineer, but I metaphorically think of electrical current as the same as water flow (or in a river, current). With a Y-adaptor, if you should have a bulb blow or some other malfunction, the current flow would have an opportunity to "back feed" into the circuit.

If you were to just tap an extra light into each side and mount it higher, you would have shorter lengths of wiring (less parasitic draw), and for some reason it just seems like each side would be more "isolated" from the other . In the case of a burned out bulb, the circuit would just be seen as a more uneven draw.

In either scenario, a heavy duty flasher unit will probably be highly recommended..

But what the he11, just give it a try. What's the worst that could happen, burning up YOUR truck (and not mine!)???

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