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Posted by DaveF ( on 12:32:18 07/16/07

In Reply to: Not unwarranted posted by Frankenbiker

I am a existing customer of AT&T formerly Cingular. I have a business account with 25 phones. I am very happy to be with AT&T. I have been with them for 6 years now. Previously with Nextel and Verizon. I have a national business line to call that seldom keeps me waiting more than 2 minutes. I have a web site on which I can order phones at a competitive price with a that of the stores without renewing my contract. I also have a local sales rep.


So at least as a business

: I have to agree that this isn't all that out of line...
: Look at the numbers... Anyone else notice that the folks who are getting canned are calling customer service as often as twice PER DAY???
: Several possibilities come to mind:
: The people are morons. (in which, they're probably to stupid to own a cell phone in the first place)
: The issues are complex, and require a great deal of interaction (moreso than usual) between Sprint and the customer. (unlikely given the nature of today's phones; either they work or they don't.)
: The Customer service people are morons, and either can't/wont escalate to someone else more knowledgeable.
: The bigger picture is that if there ARE issues with Sprint (real or otherwise) that require that much time with customer service, are you really gonna want to keep them as a carrier?
: (written by a 12-year customer of AT&T/"what are we gonna call our company this year?", who long ago gave up on any notion of customer service from a cellular provider.)
: -blaine

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