Re: 91 Burb w/ 7.4L

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Posted by 92sub ( on 20:46:29 07/16/07

In Reply to: 91 Burb w/ 7.4L posted by PeterW

I once bought a K5 Blazer real cheap because they couldn't fix this very code!
First off, the EGR code is set when the computer notices that the block learn integrator (fuel trim) is outside a prescribed window when EGR should be flowing. Instead of explaining this, lets just say your computer does not like where your fuel trim is at (obviously only during tow) and it's tricked into thinking your EGR isn't working. My K5 had spark plugs so old that the electrodes were GONE! Yours probably just needs some tune-related work to get it back into the happy 'window' of operation. Check the easiest (plugs, correct ACDELCO PCV valve, fuel/air filter, check for vacuum leaks and make sure the MAP sensor hose/port isn't gunked up).

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