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Posted by Ben ( on 22:36:00 07/18/07

In Reply to: Re: Radiator choices posted by Turbine

Radiator repair shops are a dieing breed, but the ones who manage to stay alive, are able to repair
plastic tanks.

My old radiator shop guy sold out and bought 20-40 acres of Clear Lake shore line property with the
sale of his shop. Said mostly from dealership work on DeathCool (OATS & HOATs) problems. New guy isn't
worth a hill of beans....

New radiator shop is even better than my old shop and like the owner even more. They both have a special
tool that removes that serrated tabs washer/gasket. It also reattaches the tank to tube/fins with a new
serrated washer.

One lever pull in either removal or installation. Why it is less. A few seconds to minutes vs
several minutes to a hour to solder.

Says faster and cleaner than soldering (EPA hates the old soldering process).

From my experience, the tanks fail by cracking. Guess both heat degradation of the plastic and thermal
expansion/contraction cycles.

Image is of my DIY/HOW2 reverse flush any system.

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