Brake light question

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Posted by BK NorCal '91 3/4 Ton ( on 17:10:39 07/26/07

About eight months ago I replaced front/rear brake calipers, rotors, pads, shoes, rear axle seals. Recently the brake pedal started feeling weird; soft, hard, not braking well.

I started with a check of brake fluid and in the process found that the rubber gasket had completely deformed, to the point I couldn't get it to re-seal and seemingly caused by extreme heat.

I replaced the gasket and proceeded to bleed the brakes, thinking I'd taken on air...nothing bleeding from the rears no pressure? I move to the front right where fluid is under pressure and pedal hits the floor...but stays there. No pumping brings the pedal back up...I have zero brakes.

I tow to the shop where they replace the master, flush and bleed the system test drive starts out ok but brakes start to get flaky again. They replace the ABS modulator and brakes seem to work well and I pick the vehicle up (800 bucks poorer) I head down the road and brake light comes on (huh?) so I turn around and head back where the mechanic cycles the key and it goes back off. I head home again and close to home the light comes on again (WTF?) all the while the brakes are working fine. I call the mechanic today and he says I should be find continuing to drive. We both know the sub is going back to his shop very soon for drag link and tie rod so he says just let him know if the brakes start to feel funky.

I do like and trust this know he would not put me in danger but he can't troubleshoot without seeing the vehicle.

My question is, what sort of brake failure(s) cause the brake light to come on?

I know I'll find out soon enought but just curious what you guys think.

199,800k miles (soooo close)

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