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Posted by George U ( on 00:11:45 08/09/07

In Reply to: Rear Heater Hose Repair/Replacement posted by Don

Quick disconnects are anything but! I had to do rear A/C work a few months ago and disconnected the heater core for access to rear A/C TXV.

If its like a 2002 Sub, the heater core tubes protrude a couple of inches below the bottom. The heater hoses have right angle quick disconnects on one end and are crimped to steel tubes at the other end.

If you want to save the hose couplers or hoses, you need a release tool to get the old couplers off. I bought a set of Lisle tools but it still did not work very well as i had to really twist and pull to get them off. The plastic lock inserts are sacrificial and i had to replace them. They are about 10 bucks a pair at any auto parts store (a steel clamp is much cheaper!).

The heater core tube ends on a 2002 are smooth with a rounded ridge about an inch from the end. The plastic locks engage this ridge. I believe a heater hose with correct ID and a couple of old fashioned clamps will work fine. Maybe use a bit of sealant and and keep the hose below the ridge.

If you decide to go for it, simply cut the old hoses/connectors off carefully without damaging heater core tubes. Might be able to do it with a hefty set of wire cutters or tin snips. Throw those quick disconnects in the trash forever! Problem will be getting the other (crimped band) ends off. I suppose a pneumatic die grinder and cutoff wheel would work. Cut the band without going into the rubber hose as much as possible. Remove the band, then carefully cut the hose off.

I thought about going ahead and replacing mine with old fashioned hose and clamps while i had it off but i did not have a leak and did not want to mess with cutting the crimp bands off the other end of the rubber.

Good luck and let me know how it turned out. (remove z's from email address)

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