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Posted by PeterW ( on 19:20:16 08/17/07

In Reply to: Re: keep us posted after towing! nt posted by 92sub

: About the only thing you have left now is restricted egr passage-ways.

Do you have an opinion regarding the use of Seafoam or other such chemical as a topend cleaner?
: Other possibilities include: NON-OEM egr valve,

EGR is an AC/Delco.

non-OEM exhaust system. This last one can be important because the EGR valves react with back-pressure in addition to the vacuum signal. If you've changed mufflers or converters from OEM,
Change CAT to a Magnaflow CAT sometime ago

If it runs fine and the MPG seems OK you can ignore it.

Here's a new twist to the plot. Reset codes via battery today. On startup and with 10 seconds, code 43 set. 43 refers to Knock Sensor. I've got a manual and will run the diagnostics tomorrow. Maybe I'll just replace the sensor as it is probably ancient. I've never touched it in 5+ years. Do you see any relation to code 32 EGR and the 43 Knock sensor? Thanks for your help 92Sub!!!


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