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Posted by AustinTX ( on 15:19:23 08/21/07

In Reply to: Re: '96 5.7L Plugs posted by Ben

Ben, I've been told valve seals and/or rings, but I'm like you. The fact that it's limited to those two adjacent cylinders and the rest of the plugs look like new after 10K miles leads me to believe it's the intake gasket letting oil into those two cylinders (3 & 5). I'm adding a quart about every 1K miles and see no smoke out the exhaust at all.

Change those two plugs and it will start to miss again in 5 minutes; pull them and they are already fouled.

The miss is only noticable under two conditions:

Sitting at an idle from cold startup will trigger the SES light and code Random Misfire, or:

Driving in the 2100-2800 rpm range in any gear under light/no load will do the same. I'm thinking that's the vacuum arena that's pulling oil.

So how "easy" is it to pull the manifold and replace the gasket? Heck, I'm thinking that while I've got all that off I might as well replace the heads too?

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