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Posted by Ben ( on 13:32:47 08/22/07

In Reply to: Re: '96 5.7L Plugs posted by AustinTX

Could be either in my case and your case. Toss the coin...

Mine started out only one plug, then two, then three. Replaced the intake manifold gasket and it went away...only to come back in about 15K miles.

Something is misaligned or some such from the engine assembler. Trust the builder more than the kid assembler at the speed shop. He did the gasket replacement too, but this time I'll do it....when I get around to it...

Issue with your engine is that the intake bolts are not square to the sandwich, but at an angle. Think it's for assembly robot to do it all in one motion (drop in the bolts, tighten all, then torque all). If 90* to the sandwich, the robot would need to a few more motions to do the same.

As usual, factored for factory easy (cost) than function or service.

Since at an angle, there is a sliding tendency and why the bolt torque ridiculously low. The newer engines have a boss/barb on the gasketing to hold it from sliding.

Make sure to follow the bolt/gasket/intake installation instructions.

I'd do a compression and leak down test before all of this. Then inspect before deciding on head work.

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