Re: new tires: matched costco price & hub-centric wheels

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Posted by Ben ( on 10:37:28 08/27/07

In Reply to: Re: new tires: matched costco price & hub-centric wheels posted by Burbman

After market wheels has to be designed to fit as many different vehicles as possible and still make money.

To do so, it has to be very generic in form factor.

The center caps used to be mounted with screws. More parts and machining. Plus easily stolen.

Now the center caps are pressed in from the inside, so that bore can't be used for anything else.

There are kits to turn them into hub centric, but I don't like to drill and tap on the center hat section. Plus not all replacement caps look good and usually El Cheapo Cheesy.

Just make sure the wheel is rated for a minimum of 3,000 lbs. Mine are rated 3,200 lbs and are lug centric. Tried to find hub centric, but didn't find any with this as a min rating.

Also be careful when having them serviced. I wasn't watching, so the Costco kid spun the lug nuts on with an air gun. Okay if you know what your are doing and are careful, neither did this kid know/care.

The taper on the wheel is now messed up and I have to hand tighten all the lug nuts myself to make sure it's centered.

The first one will ride on a 'small' section that is touching and gouge or oblong the hole/taper.

Make sure to tighten in a criss cross pattern and in ever higher torque settings till about 90% of spec, then drop the vehicle to place full weight on the tires. Then finish tightening using a criss cross pattern.

Not just Costco, but most any large, high volume discount needs to keep the come backs down. The only way is to narrow the variations or possibilities of screwing up. Plus they hire min wage, so very young and not experienced, yet and/or not the brightest light in the harbor types.

Costco has lost me, mainly, after my last interaction with them via #2 daughter's trip to Southern Cal. Tire failed and they wouldn't honor the warranty because the member wasn't there.

They could find the vehicle, the purchase record and confirmed warranty, but they would not honor it unless "I" was there. Being over 500 miles away and even on the phone with my card number and member info, the kid said corporate policy dictated.

Asked for his manager and that took about 10 minutes (hung up and when he got to the counter, daughter called me back). The manager confirmed and said 'sorry'...

Not choice, as she needed tires, it was Saturday and she only had the rest of that day and part of Sunday left to visit with #1 daughter, then drive back home Sunday afternoon.

Ditto, Michelin is no longer at the top of my list. Looking for a new brand/model, but don't have much time these days, nor is the Suburban in dire need. The LTX-MS/AT's are okay for city driving and 'some' freeway cruising.

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