95 Silverado K10 pickup died, restarts, dies

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Posted by Ben ( on 17:38:19 08/28/07

While at lunch with a buddy, his daughter called that their 95 K10 died midspan while crossing the
San Mateo/Hayward bridge (about 7 miles, it was the longest in the world till the one in Florida).

Restarts, but dies in a few seconds.

Thought fuel pump and/or plugged fuel filter, but she called back in about 10 minutes to say they
are moving again. Her BF was with her and his dad's Suburban has the same problem and they found
that if they turned off the AC, it ran just fine. Happens only when it's hot and it's a bit warmer today.

Buddy and I discussed it and can only think of a thermal issue with one of the sensors feeding one
of the computers, which then sets a kill function (survival mode?).

Haven't heard back whether the AC still works, or if it does, does it still kill the engine?

Any ideas?

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