Re: 95 Silverado K10 pickup died, restarts, dies

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Posted by Ben ( on 16:57:28 08/29/07

In Reply to: 95 Silverado K10 pickup died, restarts, dies posted by Ben

Turns out his alternator was not able to supply enough power with everything going on a "hot" day.

Turns out he just replaced the battery earlier this year and didn't do it himself this time...

New alternator and didn't believe me about the POS side post, till he cut open the lead between the
alt and his battery.

Again argued about the lead washer and now waiting for him to get back to me on that....

He's one of the best electronic/software engineers I've ever had work for me. Hands on kind of guy
and would go out on the production floor, shoulder to shoulder with the folks on the automated line
building product. He also built up several custom, non certified machine out of my lab, while a bunch
of guys in dark suits and sun glasses guarded 'my' lab and kept 'me' out!!!!

That was for Desert Strom....remember that after the initial contact, there was no major engagement
till about 3 months later?

Turns out they hadn't planed on that theater and had to gather, process and load topographical info
for the cruise missals. My computers were the machines out there doing whatever they had to do
to massage the data for the on board computer...

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