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Posted by Ben ( on 19:59:02 08/29/07

In Reply to: Re: posted by #1 Son

: There no other way they could have come up with the words "battery corrosion" if gmail did not read your mail!
: And people are complaining that the government is snooping on us!
: What can we do with these big businesses?!!!!
: I think I'll close my gmail account. I have never used it anyway!
: #1 Son
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I'm keeping mine and recommend you do so too. Just note that 'they' are watching, or recording, etc.

The computers my teams designed are in the food chain by 'them' to record all cell phone
conversations in the continental USA. A 4 TB (yes, Tera byte) optical 'tape' is the media the
last time I knew anything about that. Public knowledge then and more so now.

"Recorded" for archival. "They" can find it later after they ID something of 'interest'. How to find
a few phone conversations in that tape is beyond me, but they do.

Watch any of the action/spy/sci-fi/etc movies and you'll see reference to this. "The Borne ID" is a
good series of movies where it's referenced often.

It's a machine that reads it, then if they want to, a human can then find & read it. It's all in
the fine print when you signed on. No real difference from any email account, even paid ISP

Just don't do any banking or important info stuff on or any of the freebies. I use them
for forum and other public stuff. The memory allotment is more than my paid ISP account.

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