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Posted by Ben ( on 14:22:58 09/04/07

In Reply to: Re: relays and continuous duty posted by Rolf

: This project does require much thought. DRL circuits have an extra feed wire and use the high
beam feed for ground.... snip...

Agree and why I'm not going to re-invent the control circuitry & components.

Will leave the OEM source, switches, etc alone and use them as signal sources for the new power circuits.

Just dis-connect the bulbs from direct sourcing from the OEM, except for the DRL feed.

The DRL feed will be OEM directly to the low beam bulb, but when the regular OEM circuit switches on
the low beam for nite driving, 'my' circuit will then source that same bulb from the new fuse
block, which will be fused and sourced from the alternator.

This will be the most complex part and will need a single pole, double throw relay. The center will
be the bulb and the other two contacts will be DRL or full voltage. Haven't noodled the coil control
side yet and it might need another relay.

If it gets too complex, then OEM DRL will light up a new aux or forget DRL's all together (I like the
DRL philosophy). LED marker lamp or some such.

Then the 4 new 165x100/H1-100watt high's mounted on top of the home made bumper/push guard.
Switches on the dash (there is room to make a mini-dash extension on the driver side towards the
window. All control level and the controller PCB with the relays, fuses and main terminal block in
the engine bay.

So far that switch mini-panel will have: DRL on/off, quad on/off, six on/off, eight on/off, air
horn, air compressor, aux fan, #2aux fan, rear floods on/off, and whatever comes along (if I
could wire in an engine performance thing, that would be great).

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