Re: 99 Burb Intake Manifold Gasket

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Posted by Verdi ( on 12:04:46 09/07/07

In Reply to: 99 Burb Intake Manifold Gasket posted by Guy

Look for chunks of what appears to be crumbled pencil eraser when you flush. If you have this, then air, heat and Dexcool have gummed up your system, and a chunk of that may be blocking the coolant.

When you get the new gasket and fix the overheating issue, I'd recommend you stay away from Dexcool. I had the beginning stages of that problem at 50K and switched to green coolant. Have not had a problem since, and temp gauge generally reads between 155 and 170.


: I love my 99 3/4 ton Suburban 4x4 7.4L 454. I ve hade it since it rolled of the line, 130k miles ago. It started to get hot the other day, when inspected the radiator, wow what a mess! I have been flushing it for what seems like a week now. Removed the thermostat and disconnected the top heater hose and run water through it for over thirty minutes, still filthy. Added some heavy-duty chemical flush/cleaner, which required driving for 3 - 6 hours with the system sealed. The vehicle now overheats. I drove it for only 35 miles before the temp got to 240ish then stopped and had it towed home; now it over heats after about 20 minutes of idling. It appears to be seeping from the intake manifold gasket right behind the alternator and a little on the front of the driver's side also. I have tried to search the archives about this topic, with no luck. Any advice? Thanks in advance for any help!
: Guy

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